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  • Plastic mini bowl with side handles, and a bright red sillicone dome lid
  • Demonstration of a spoon hitting the top of the silicone dome, and the dome bending inwards to show the impact on the pomegranate half keeping the juice and seeds contained in the attached plastic tub
  • Under the red silicone domed lid is a plastic pattern that keeps the pomegranate half from falling into the plastic tub, but allows the juice and seeds to fall into the tub when the sillicone lid is hit
  • The Pomegranate De Seeder with the clear storage tub full of pomegranate seeds, the patterned red plastic layer that keeps the pomegranate in place, and the red silicone dome are laid out on a table

Pomegranate De-Seeder

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Pomegranates. Very tasty, but so messy! The Pomegranate De-Seeder provides an easy and convenient way to get those lovely pomegranate seeds out without the faff. Simply cut the pomegranate in half, pop it in the top and clip the silicone lid on top - then bop away with your spoon of choice! The seeds will fall out into the storage cup and then simply unclip the top for mess free, fresh pomegranate seeds in seconds


  • Ideal for mess free de-seeding
  • Perfect for fruit prepping with kids
  • Fun, bright, pomegranate-inspired design
  • Easy to clean
  • Handwash only, and BPA free too


  • Material: Sillicone & ABS
  • Colour: Pink/Red
  • Size: 19.5 x 8.5cm


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