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PAP-X Pro White Teeth Whitening Powder

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PAP-X Pro White Teeth Whitening Powder 

Our groundbreaking PAP-X Whitening Powder transforms your existing favourite toothpaste into an effective, daily whitening treatment, that effectively oxidizes stains.


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What do you get

  • 1 x PAP-X Pro White Teeth Whitening Powder

How does it work?

When the powder is applied to your teeth,  PAP-X formula gets to work on the tooth’s structure to provide fast whitening, desensitising, and remineralising benefits.

Will they make my teeth sensitive?

Traditional whitening products use a peroxide-based formula that can cause tooth sensitivity. Pro White Teeth Kits PAP-X Powder instead utilise a sensitivity-free PAP formula.

How do I use the powder?

  1. Slightly wet your toothbrush or use a little of your chosen toothpaste
  2. Dip the toothbrush in the jar.
  3. Gently brush teeth for approximately 2 minutes
  4. Once you have finished brushing your teeth, rinse out thoroughly.