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i-Bud HD Wireless Smart Ear Cleaner - Black

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How often do you clean your ears? Whether you clean a few times a week or only once a month - that is a lot of cotton buds which are difficult to recycle and contributes a surprising amount of waste to landfills.

With our very own i-Bud you can clean your ears in an environmentally friendly way - and using the built in HD Camera, get a full view of your ears on your iPhone or Android device


  • Reusable - with sillicone tips and a waterproof design, it's quick and easily cleanable and reusable
  • Environmentally Friendly - completely removes the need for cotton buds or other disposable means for cleaning, meaning less landfill waste!
  • Effective - Quicker than alternatives, and helps to reduce the chance of ear infections
  • Safe - by seeing what you're doing, you can reduce the chance of damaging your delicate inner ear
  • Wireless - stream a full view of your ear to your iPhone or Android device - no cables needed
  • 230mAh Power - providing superior battery life

How to use

Unbox your i-Bud and download the app onto your smart phone, check the silicone tip is secured properly and clean away! Full instructions included

What's Included

  • i-Bud
  • Charging Cable
  • Bonus Pack - 5 Accessory Tips and Cover


Due to high demand, this will arrive between 5 - 15 days, and comes with free delivery