Gemstone Rollers - How to spot if yours is genuine

Gemstone Rollers - How to spot if yours is genuine

One of the latest trending skincare tools on the market is Jade rollers. However, you may not know that fake Jade has become increasingly prevalent. For maximum skin benefits as well as holistic healing, you need to ensure the roller you are using is made of premium ingredients.  Read on for our tips for why you need a gemstone roller, and how to tell the one you select is genuine

What Do Jade Rollers Do?

A lady holds a clear quartz roller up in front of her face

Jade rollers have been used in beauty routines for centuries. There's evidence of the use of flat jade stones on the skin in China as far back as the 7th century and those women believed that jade was the fountain of youth, and they weren’t all that far off from the truth.

Using a roller on your skin promotes an improved skin tone and elasticity of the skin; natural collagen boots; reduction of puffiness and wrinkles; promotion of lymphatic drainage; toxin elimination; and tightening pores, since the crystal remains cold even when in direct contact with the skin. When used in conjunction with a face mask or serum, a roller will also help your skin absorb the product for a deeper and more meaningful effect.

What type of Roller should I use?
Rose quartz:

A Rose Quartz Roller has a wide Rose Quartz stone at one end of the handle, and a narrow acupressure Rose Quartz stone on the other. The stones are attached to the handle by yellow gold tone metal, and the handle is Rose Quartz.

The ultimate beauty crystal, known as the Crystal of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels, while delivering inner healing and clear complexity. This 'emotional healer' can be used to reduce and release impurities and stress in the skin. Its best for detoxing, lifting, and softening fine lines and wrinkles, alongside draining toxins and negativity.

Rose quartz is considered the 'emotional healing' crystal and said to be the best option when it comes to softening fine lines and wrinkles. It's also believed to reduce the signs of emotional stress in the face, improve blood circulation and help reduce under eye circles.


A Dark Jade Roller has a wide Dark Jade stone at one end of the handle, and a narrow acupressure Dark Jade stone on the other. The stones are attached to the handle by yellow gold tone metal, and the handle is Dark Jade.

Ideal for wrinkles and loose skin, jade helps raise the immunity of the skin, as well as grow new skin cells. Jade is highly calming which makes it great for irritated skin conditions. It also improves skin elasticity, encourages lymphatic drainage and help prevent wrinkles.

Unfortunately, manufacturers have mastered the art of replicating jade by dying and chemically treating other types of stone like marble, or simply using coloured glass. Some stones are coated with chemicals to replicate that jade luster, while others are injected with a polymer to increase the vibrancy of the stone.

Clear quartz:

A Clear Quartz Roller has a wide Clear Quartz stone at one end of the handle, and a narrow acupressure Clear Quartz stone on the other. The stones are attached to the handle by yellow gold tone metal, and the handle is Clear Quartz.

Clear quartzes are known as the Master Healers, because they are the most powerful healing stone and are great to pair with other crystals in order to amplify their energy. Clear quartz has a very high silica content, which is an important mineral for our skin health.

Less common than its other fellow crystals, clear quartz is considered to the 'master healer', working with all the chakras to draw in positive energy and soothe the skin. Said to be suitable for all skin types, clear quartz is high in silica, a mineral that is important for our overall skin health.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a Fake Roller

There are many reasons why you should avoid using a fake roller, including:

  • Skin Irritation – Fake rollers are generally made from marble or dyed glass. The chemicals used to make the dye and the fake stones can harm your skin and cause irritation.
  • Unethical Sourcing – Many cheap or fake rollers are not made from ethically sourced materials, which can cause serious harm to the environment or be made by people not receiving a fair wage for their craft.
  • Poor Quality – Real Jade rollers are high quality and built to last, but fake rollers crack, squeak, or generally fall apart after a short period of use. Many are not fully polished and have holes in their surfaces which collect dirt and bacteria - you really do not want to roll that onto your face.
  • No Energy Benefits – As noted above, real jade carries positive energy. Fake stones do not. Rest assured that all of Callisto Dawson rollers are made of ethically sourced, genuine green Jade gemstone

4 Ways to Spot a Fake Jade Roller

There are several ways to spot a fake jade roller: Here are some key points to look out for:

  • The Color – Real jade is a dark green or light green stone with natural pattern varieties like white swirls or black dots. If your roller doesn’t have these colour variations or imperfections, it’s highly likely a fake.
  • Fragility – Jade is easily broken if dropped – it is a precious stone! Fake marble is not as fragile, and this is a difficult one to test (for obvious reasons!) but it’s worth being aware
  • Temperature – Fake rollers are not cool to the touch and do not cool down quickly after use. Any roller, whether real or fake can be popped in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to enhance its effectiveness though, as it’s the cold that helps to reduce the puffiness.
  • Cost – If a roller is priced under £20, it is most likely fake.

How to use your Jade Roller

Multiple images of a womans face with a Rose Quartz roller and Gua Sha stone being used in different directions

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